Ghost Workers Everywhere

Ghost workers are 100% innocent.

Ghost workers everywhere
The actual felons are the corrupt staffs creating roles and authorizing payment for the ghost workers.

Our “Ghost Worker” graphic Tee takes a sharp gibe at corruption and the ghost worker culture plaguing most of our government institutions in Africa.

Who is a ghost worker?

A ghost worker is a person listed on the government payroll database but does not work for the civil service. This ghost worker can be a real person or an invented character assigned a role by the corrupt government staff.

Corruption in Africa does not take place in a vacuum; it is complexly linked with global actors, policies, institutions and network infrastructures that jointly facilitate the destructive practices in and outside of the continent.

Ghost workers are everywhere! Regardless of the recent digitization of payment systems in some countries civil service, Ghost workers are still everywhere. They are in primary schools, secondary schools, universities, Hospitals, Police stations, Aviation sector, Agricultural Institution, Judiciary, Maritime, etc.

True, the abuse of office and power are all colonial legacies left behind by western nations in Africa; various socio-economic and institutional variants sustain the need and greed for corruption in government institutions.

How does this culture affect Africa?

  • ·Negative financial implications on public finance
  • ·Negative impact on the credibility of the civil service
  • ·Dent on the effectiveness of public spending
  • ·Direct impact on service provision to the populace.

How can you help solve this problem?

Stay woke, don’t be an actor(passive/active), and challenge the practices whenever you spot it because there are negative impact and consequences on our continent whenever we look the other way.

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