Janaye Furman Makes History as First Black Model to Open Louis Vuitton Show in 163 Years

Janaye Furman

Janaye Furman, a remarkable model, etched her name in history on Wednesday as she became the first black model to grace the opening of a Louis Vuitton show. This groundbreaking achievement shatters a 163-year barrier since the inception of the renowned fashion house. Janaye's ascent to the pinnacle of the runway is awe-inspiring, considering she was discovered just last year while performing in a school production, capturing the attention of scouts in the audience. Her meteoric rise within the industry propelled her to attain regular status with Louis Vuitton, as noted by Vogue. Opening a show is a momentous milestone for models, capable of forever altering their careers, and Janaye accomplished this feat during a collection that marked the grand finale of Paris Fashion Week.

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