Looted Benin Bronze Resurfaces In CoolAfrican Late Winter Collection

Restoring the glory back to the continent of Africa starts with genuine steps in returning the vast number of artefacts and objects stolen by the Europeans during the colonial times.

Bruised Bronze CoolAfricanMerch

Aware and conscious of the fact millions of children across Africa will not be able to access or learn from the thousands of historical artefacts looted by the colonials is an uncomfortable reality and truth to live with.   

How do we learn and understand the great science, philosophy, way of life, and technology of our great ancestors? when the sculptures, manuscripts, arts, curated to tell these stories are with private collectors and public museums in Europe

The Benin expedition of 1897, in particular, was a vindictive attack on the ancient kingdom of Benin by Admiral Sir Harry Rawson in response to the ambush of a previous British led party. The brits captured, burned and looted Benin city bringing to end the West African kingdom of Benin popular for its awe-inspiring cast bronze and brass statues.

Looted Benin bronze resurfaces in CoolAfrican late winter collection in the form of a pullover hoodie titled Bruised bronze. Far from home in our earth, we all still bear the bruises of the past loot.

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