Reaffirming The Rebellious Creed Of Feminism with Nefertiti

Aside from the notable contributions of Egypt to human civilization, one thing we tend to omit is that it was also the cradle of gender equality. As Greece is arguably regarded as the root of western civilization, records show in ancient Greece, women’s status was not anything close to what we currently have in the west today.
Greek women were generally not allowed to acquire or possess properties. Of Course, the exception to this in Greece were the spartan women who could own property, educated, and dress in revealing garments, which prompted the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle to blame the downfall of Sparta on its women. “The want of men was their ruin” - Aristotle concluded. However, unlike women anywhere in the world until the 20th century, Egyptian women were essentially the legal equal of men. 
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Under the celestial supervision of the goddess Isis, who symbolizes the ultimate sovereignty of Egypt, women were eligible to work, own property, serve on a jury, etc. Both men and women status were identical in Egypt. So, as a matter of fact, we haven’t just arrived at equality for men and women, neither was it just a new socio-progressive offering of the great western philosophy, we have been there before, during the day of Nefertiti.
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Seek No Approval Cropped Hoodie by CoolAfrican Merch, is a creative extension from the first T-Shirt piece - Nefertiti 1370 T-Shirt which reaffirms the doctrine of rebellion popularized in modern-day feminism. This special piece attempts to align the extreme of social and political principles of ancient Egyptian feminism with that todays’ practices 

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