Tekno's "The More The Better": A Sophomore Triumph in the Afrobeats Realm

Tekno's "The More The Better": A Sophomore Triumph in the Afrobeats Realm

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, the intersection of African rhythms and Western influences has given rise to a dynamic genre known as Afrobeats. This genre, characterized by its infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies, has gained global recognition in recent years. However, this fusion is often marred by overzealous artists who tilt the balance too far in one direction or another. Enter Tekno, the golden boy of Afrobeats, whose latest album, "The More The Better" (TMTB), expertly navigates the delicate balance between these two cultural forces.

Tekno, whose influence on Afrobeats is sometimes underrated, has returned with an album that serves as a testament to his production prowess and a continuation of his creative contributions to the genre. Prior to his temporary hiatus due to vocal cord issues, Tekno had a string of chart-topping hits, solidifying his status as a genuine maestro of Afrobeats. "The More The Better" not only reaffirms his position but propels him to new heights.

One of the standout features of "The More The Better" is its production quality. The album presents a sonic landscape where elements compete for dominance but never cross the boundaries of discord. Instead, they coalesce to create a harmonious and thematically cohesive musical journey. This meticulous attention to production enhances the overall listening experience and showcases Tekno's commitment to his craft.

What sets "The More The Better" apart is its departure from formulaic beats that have become all too common in the realm of popular music. This album offers a refreshing departure from the norm, inviting listeners into a world of genuine artistry and creativity. It's an easy listen album, seamlessly flowing through a range of emotions, and providing a tantalizing glimpse into the vibrant pop sounds that define African culture.

"The More The Better" also demonstrates Tekno's ability to collaborate judiciously. With just one feature from the global Afrobeats sensation Ckay, the creator of the hit track 'Nwantiti,' Tekno ensures that the spotlight remains on his own artistry while adding a touch of diversity to the album.

While every track on "The More The Better" is worth a listen, there are some standout mentions that deserve special attention:

Twice Shy 

Flashing Lights 

King of Pop 





Cant Chase 

The More The Better by Tekno is a remarkable achievement that bridges the gap between African rhythms and Western influences. It serves as a testament to Tekno's musical genius and contribution to the Afrobeats ecosystem. With its impeccable production, thematic cohesion, and departure from formulaic beats, this album is a must-listen for both Afrobeats enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre. Tekno's golden touch continues to shine, proving that he is indeed the genuine maestro of Afrobeats.

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