We Are Open For Business

We are open for business. 

As the government roadmap to easing down the lockdown in the United kingdom kicks off today, allowing businesses to resume operations, CoolAfrican will return back to full business activity to serve our customers home and abroad. 


As a small business impacted by the pandemic, we have managed to stay partly operational since the national lockdown. Due to Brexit and staffing shortages caused by COVID, there are delays on us receiving stock from suppliers. With some of these highlighted constraints on the business, there is no denying that we have taken the hit just like other businesses with our sales dropping heavily due to the decline in the number of our customers having occasions or outdoor activities to wear our selection of graphic T-shirts too. 


Today you can resume your support for us as you have always done by visiting our website to window shop or start buying your summer T-shirt. 

Our lead time still remains 3-5 working days, and we will drop new Tees every 2nd week, increasing the frequency on the build-up to summer to give you more choices.  

The business will also introduce new products to our lifestyle inventory and restock all of the sold-out products pre-lockdown in the coming weeks. So, bookmark the website and stay up to date with our progress. 


Lastly, you might be wondering, how do I support the business more? 


Here are suggested ways to support our business and keep us afloat : 


  • Making us your Go-to brand for T-shirts & Accessories. 
  • Sharing our post for more visibility with your community
  • Recommending us to friends & families. 
  • Tagging us when you rock and post our products
  • Giving us feedback 
  • Indicating to us what you would like to see from us


Thanks for your support. 

We hope you continue to keep safe and shop with us.  

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