What is Afropunk

Afropunk is a festivity of the alternative arts scene that has flourished from the underground culture of the African diaspora. The combination of art, music and fashion at Afropunk is rich in African culture yet simultaneously interwoven with the contemporary Afropean and Afro-American experience; this melting pot of influences resulted in a festival that celebrates undeniably stunning visuals and stylistically diverse musical content. Afropunk festival centers on the sensational music and striking aesthetics of black culture, yet at its core is an ethos of diversity and inclusivity.


Dotted around Le Trianon were Afropunk branded banners that endorsed the Afropunk attitude ‘No sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, No Hatefulness’.

Afropunk Festival was born out of a short film entitled Afro-Punk (2003) produced by Matthew Morgan and directed by James Spooner. The film documents the stories of Afro-American kids who strongly identified with the radical attitudes of the 70s DIY punk-rock movement, casting a spotlight on the growing number of black punks dissatisfied with the lack of racial diversity in the existing punk-rock scene.

These young black kids connected with punk’s attempt to deconstruct oppressive systems of power and super-structures through art, music and fashion. Following the films release, Morgan teamed up with music industry expert and eventual Afropunk festival co-founder, Jocelyn Cooper. The pair set out to fill the void in the music market with an event that celebrates the merging of art, activism and black punk culture. The result was Afropunk Festival, born in Brooklyn in 2004 it has since found homes in Atlanta and Paris. The event first arrived on European shores in 2015 and settled in Le Trianon, a concert hall located in Monmartre, the heart of Paris.

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