Demons are never known to represent anything good; they are always associated with supernatural mysticism that brings destruction and negativity. Most people quiver at the mention of a demon, well, except you are an atheist. If you are already scared of the term Yoruba demons, relax and calm your nerves, it has nothing to do with spirituality. However, don’t rejoice; you are not safe yet; there is a reason the term ‘demon’ was attached to that name. This article aims to get you virtually all you need to know about a Yoruba demon. 

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So who is a Yoruba demon?

A Yoruba demon is a typical young Yoruba man who has this seemingly innate ability to get ladies falling for them with ease. He prides himself in his ability to amass many beautiful ladies, majorly for sexual gratification and boastful purposes. They are very gifted at exempting themselves from any responsibilities in the relationship. He is simply a full personification of the term “playboy.” The term Yoruba demon started as a joke on social media, initially considered an ethnic slur. Still, somehow, the term has been accepted and ironically has even been accepted by the Nigerian male population as a thing of pride. The name is synonymous with heartbreak.

They have many qualities; most are innate, while some are acquired, but they all serve to accomplish a common purpose of attraction, seduction, and execution. Well, we all know what is being executed. I will outline a few qualities below:


The Yoruba people are highly educated; they are even considered in some circles as the most educated tribe in west Africa.  In 1955, The late premier of western Nigeria, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, introduced the primary education scheme in the western region. This was the springboard, so many Yoruba families needed to kick start their academic ambitions. The free primary education scheme took a hit in 1966 following the take-over of government by the military. The Yoruba people weren’t deterred; they climbed so high the academic ladder that presently it appears that each family or at least each clan has a professor. 

The Yoruba demon has this weapon in his arsenal, and it is considerably easier to attract female species when education has equipped you to express yourself easily. And trust me, these guys can more than express themselves.  


When it comes to expressing themselves, a typical Yoruba demon has a very slick tongue. He has a way with words that can charm just about anyone. They have mastery in deception. Psychologically, it has been proven that women respond emotionally to words, spoken or written, when it comes to attraction. The Yoruba demon understands and perfectly leverages this. Once he set his target, he has no shortage of words to use in achieving his goals. All he needs is just the listening ear, and the rest becomes history. Their tongues are laced with undiluted seduction, and unarguably, no woman is immune to it.  



Education, they say, is a precursor to success. When you have a tribe filled with highly educated people, success inevitably abounds amongst them. This is no different with the Yoruba people. They are very successful people in all works of life. Technocrats, business people, literary giants, politicians, Academics, etc., it is no surprise that a Yoruba state generates the highest internal revenue in Nigeria. 

Most Yoruba demons are wealthy or comfortable, at least. The richer he is, the sleeker he becomes. Money gives humans some level of confidence; based on this, you can now imagine what a hyper-confident Yoruba demon can do. A wealthy Yoruba demon has no problems lavishing money on a lady to achieve his aim.


A good dresser is hard to ignore; one’s dress sense makes them stand out. Yoruba demons are excellent dressers, they can dress to kill, or in Nigerian terms, they can really “slay.” They are very stylish men; their fashion taste is so classy that they effortlessly capture the ladies’ heart. It appears they are always dressed in styles that draw the attention of the feminine eye. They are popularly known to be sport white “agbada,” so much so that a particular “agbada” was named after them.  



Yoruba demons aims and shoot, they mostly aim with their appearance, but the first technique is flirting when it comes to shooting. They can adopt many schemes while doing this; the eye contact, occasional touches, funny remarks, frequent chats, compliments, whatever approach help them achieve their aim. However, they have the requisite mastery in fliting; they can flirt with just about any lady and anywhere.  


Compensation: If his apologies always come as gifts, you have to beware. This is mostly a trick to bribe you to prevent your observation of certain things, flaring up and complaining at best and leaving him at worst.

Do not ignore the red flags: the truth is; no man can have a perfect pretense; the red flags will always be there; it’s just that most ladies choose to ignore all or selectively. A man who never picks calls in your presence, he lies incessantly, has a gazillion of ladies flocking around him as “friends,” seemingly busy always and never seem to define or commit to your relationship with him, deserves to undergo scrutiny. There is a tendency; he is just there for the sugar, which is very characteristic of a Yoruba demon.

Watch his circle of friends: they say “birds of feathers, flock together,” and it very much applies to a Yoruba demon. They are very boastful of their escapades within their circle. These pursuits for adventures are often born out of competition amongst a group of friends. So it is very important to observe his friends; if they have that “playboy” aura around them, then he most likely is a Yoruba demon

Our wife: Do you hear this line often from his friends? Then beware. This is a common remark used for deceit amongst a circle of Yoruba demons. They are not ignorant of the desperation in African women for marriage, and they leverage on this to coin that “our wife/iyawo mi” line as a form of assurance. You can even hear it from his family members. Beware.

Listen to your instincts: if your instincts keep telling you that something is wrong somewhere, then it is worth giving a thought. Most of our purest instincts are usually right. If your intuition tags him a playboy, then listen to it; he most probably is one. 

Conclusively, there is no definite way to achieve immunity against the charms of a Yoruba demon. Their charms can break down the hardest of hearts, and even the westerners are not exempted. However, whatever you do, never seek commitment from a Yoruba demon; it always ends in catastrophe.


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