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Oliver De Coque Viynl Record - My Woman (1986)

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Introducing the iconic album "My Woman" by Oliver De Coque and His Expo '76 Ogene Sound Super of Africa, released in 1986. This masterpiece stands as a testament to the genius of Oliver De Coque, a legend in the realm of African music, particularly highlife. "My Woman" is not just an album; it's a rich tapestry of sound, culture, and emotion that resonates with the soul of Africa.

Who is Oliver De Coque? 

Oliver De Coque, whose full name is Chief Dr. Oliver Sunday Akanite, was a renowned Nigerian highlife musician and guitarist. Born on April 14, 1947, he hailed from Ezinifite in Anambra State, Nigeria. De Coque was recognized as one of the most prolific and influential highlife artists in Africa, especially renowned for his unique style and contributions to the evolution of the genre.



My Woman




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Disclaimer: Please note that this vinyl record is a vintage piece, and therefore, it should be treated delicately. Due to its age, it's normal for it to exhibit scratches and other signs of wear. These physical blemishes do not hinder its functionality but are a natural aspect of its vintage character. Consider these factors carefully before making a purchase. This record is appreciated not only for its ability to be played but also for its historical value as a collector's item