African Studies Tote bag
African Studies Tote bag
African Studies Tote bag
African Studies

African Studies

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African Studies Tote Bag

Introducing our African Studies Tote Bag, an exquisite accessory that not only showcases your love for the African continent but also promotes sustainability. This eco-friendly tote bag is designed to provide insights into Africa's rich cultural heritage while adding a touch of trendiness to your style.

With its captivating design, our African Studies Tote Bag challenges misconceptions and invites you to delve deeper into the wonders of this vibrant continent. Each motif and symbol on the bag represents a unique aspect of African culture, encouraging conversations and inspiring a quest for knowledge and understanding.

But that's not all—our tote bag is more than just a fashion statement. It is crafted with sustainability in mind, as it is made from recycled materials.


Weight: 300 gsm.

Material: 80% recycled cotton, 20% recycled polyester.

  • Top edge double folded for strength and clean finish.
  • Long handles with reinforced cross stitch.
  • Shaping seam at bottom to create volume.


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