The gods are not to blame

The gods Are Not To Blame

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Author: Ola Rotimi

"The Gods Are Not to Blame," a powerful play turned novel by Ola Rotimi, is a striking adaptation of the Greek classic "Oedipus Rex," uniquely reimagined within the context of a Yoruba kingdom. Published as a play in 1968 and later as a novel in 1971, this work masterfully blends African storytelling with Greek tragedy, creating a narrative that is both timeless and culturally rich.

Setting and Plot: Set in an indeterminate period in a Yoruba kingdom, the story centers on the character of Odewale, born to royalty but ensnared by fate. The plot follows his journey as he is lured into a false sense of security, only to find himself unwittingly entangled in a web of prophetic doom and familial complexities.


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