The passport of mallam lai

The Passport of Mallam ILIA

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Author: Cyprian Ekwensi

"The Passport of Mallam Ilia," a captivating novel by renowned Nigerian author Cyprian Ekwensi, is set against the rich tapestry of 19th century Northern Nigeria. Published in 1960, this work of historical fiction explores themes of love, vengeance, and conquest, with the ancient city of Kano serving as the backdrop for this enthralling tale.

Plot and Setting: The story revolves around the life of a young and fiery warrior, whose journey is defined by a quest for vengeance. The narrative is driven by his unrelenting pursuit of Mallam Usman, the man responsible for the death of his beloved wife, Zarah. This pursuit of justice and retribution takes him across the diverse landscapes of Northern Nigeria, capturing the essence and spirit of the region during this period.


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