Davido's 'Timeless': A Masterpiece That Captures the Essence of Afrobeats and Showcases Artistic Growth

Davido's 'Timeless': A Masterpiece That Captures the Essence of Afrobeats and Showcases Artistic Growth. 

Behold, the opus christened "Timeless"! An opulent masterpiece so eagerly anticipated, it has forever etched its name in the annals of Afrobeats lore. 

Timeless Album Art Cover

Never before has an Afrobeats project garnered such fervent anticipation as Timeless. Following a 6 month hiatus from the scene and the tragic loss of his beloved son, Davido's remarkable work is poised to capture the hearts of Nigerians and Afrobeats fans worldwide. This album is a testament to his legacy, seamlessly weaving together the threads of the past and present to create a soul-stirring and uplifting musical experience. Even in the midst of pain, Davido remains true to the essence of Afrobeats - a genre known for its joyful and invigorating sound that can soothe the wounds of today.

Davido Timeless

Davido's latest project showcases his artistic growth and versatility, as he deviated from his usual approach of solely creating hit songs and instead focused on crafting a masterpiece. It's worth noting that the project was initiated After the tragic loss of his 3-year-old son, and despite this personal setback, he managed to deliver undeniable gems. Although known for his ability to churn out hits, Davido's musical prowess remains as strong as ever, and his new project is a testament to his evolution as an artist.

In a conversation I had earlier today with one of the Industry OG’s, the CEO of HitFactory Studio, it became clear that Davido is also making a subtle departure from the traditional DMW music roster and business model. He's bringing in fresh and exciting talent, such as Morravey and Logos Olori, both of whom delivered exceptional performances on the album. Davido recognizes that the market has evolved and matured beyond the era of formulaic songwriting and is now demanding more from artists. The current era of Afrobeats is characterised by seasoned craftsmanship and a new generation of discerning listeners who demand a more refined and distilled sound, as opposed to a jumbled concoction of various styles. Davido's writing flair and choice of the track that made the cut through on this project are evident to this deep understanding of the new era .

Davido Timeless

The album boasts collaborations with Skepta, Angelina Kodji, and The Cavemen, and standout tracks such as "BOP" featuring Dexta Daps, "E Pain Me," "No Competition" featuring Asake, "Picasso" featuring Logos Olori, and "Juju." These songs are all solid jams and deserve special recognition, but my personal top three favourites are as follows:

Over dem - Track 1

Over Dem" was the perfect choice for the opening track on this 17-track album. This soft and melodic song expresses a profound sense of confidence and resilience in the face of adversity, drawing inspiration from the biblical story of David's triumph over the giant Goliath. Davido, too, envisions himself as a victorious figure who will always overcome his enemies. He also draws a parallel between his own triumphs and the recent election victory of his uncle, Demola, who is now the executive governor of Osun state. As he sings, "Who knows, say Uncle Demola go become governor/You know say God dey my back everytime I come through," Davido reminds us of the power of perseverance and faith in the face of adversity.

Governor Ademola Adeleke

Kante ft Fave- Track 10 

In the track "Kante," Davido features Fave, an Empawa Africa signee who first caught my attention through T.I Blaze's hit single "Play." Fave's vocals are so fluid and precise that they perfectly complement Davido's voice, washing away any imperfections. Despite her youth, Fave exudes a vulnerability on the track that could intimidate even the most seasoned pop stars. However, Davido's use of "Ògbon Ágba" (elderly wisdom) guides the song along a path that is both captivating and satisfying for the listener. 


Away - Track 8 

"Away" is a joyful and upbeat track that draws inspiration from Wale Thompson's classic hit, "LalaLé Friday." Produced by Magicsticks, who has previously worked on major hits such as Asake's "Sungba," "PBUY," "Organise," "Dupe," and "Terminator," the song is a testament to Davido's longevity in the music industry. As a cultural custodian and lifestyle king in the scene, Davido's musical prowess shines through in "Away," which is a perfect addition to any party playlist.

MagicSticks - Asake producer

Timeless is a cohesive and immersive project that doesn't immediately grab your attention but instead grows on you over time. David is shooting his shot for a classic album and only in a few years will we be able to fully review and fully evaluate the impact and legacy. 

Afrobeats Waves

It's the kind of album that you to sit back in your Maybach, flipping through the pages of Vogue magazine, and let the chauffeur drive you at a leisurely pace of 60km on the Lekki-Epé expressway to your country home. Timeless delivers precisely what these listeners are looking for - a carefully curated musical experience that is both refreshing and satisfying.


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